B. Asset Quality

  1. Asset Transfers Securitisation.pdf

  2. Best Practices Credit Risk Disclosure.pdf

  3. Banks Interactions Highly Leveraged Companies.pdf

  4. SP Bank Interaction Highly Leveraged Companies.pdf

  5. The Price of Bank Lending & Borrowing.pdf

  6. Sound Practices for Loan Accounts.pdf

  7. Principals for the Management of Credit Risk.pdf

  8. Loans.htm

  9. Credit Risk Modelling.pdf

  10. Management of Banks' International Lending.pdf

  11. Measuring Controlling Large Credit Exposures.pdf

  12. Counterparty Credit Risk Management SR9903

  13. Lending Standards for Commercial Banks SR9818

  14. Letter on the Loan Loss Allowance SR9922

  15. Recent Developments Regarding Loan Loss ProvisionSR9913

  16. Sound Credit Risk ManagementSR9825

  17. Sound Practices for Loan Accounting Disclosures BIS55

  18. Credit Ratings Complementary Sources of Credit Quqlity ›nformation.pdf

  19. Loan Portfolio Bank Examiners Checklist.pdf

  20. Mortgage Banking Bank Examiners Checklist.pdf

  21. Non Performing Loans in Turkey Report.doc

  22. NPL Credit Crunch in Turkey Morgan Stanley.pdf
    23. USA Mortgage Krizi 2008 Eylül

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