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List of Banks International Organizations Organizations in Turkey
  1. Banks of the World

  2. Banks in Turkey

  3. Central Banks of the World

  4. List of Independent Community Bankers of America

  1. Bank for International Settelment (BIS)

  2. The World Bank (WB)

  3. Internatioanl Monetary Fund (IMF)

  4. International Finance Corporation (IFC)

  5. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

  6. The European Commission

  7. Visacard

  8. Europay Mastercard

  1. Turkish Central Bank (TCMB)

  2. Turkish Bankers' Association (TBB)

  3. Interbank Card Center (BKM)

  4. Istanbul Stock Exchange (IMKB)

  5. Treasury Department (HM)

  6. Ministiry of Finance (MB)

  7. Foreign Trade Department (DTM)

  8. State Planning Organization (DPT)

  9. State Institute of Statistics (DIE)

  10. Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM)

  11. Capital Markets Board (SPK)

  12. Istanbul Altin Borsasi (IAB)

  13. Banking Regulation & Supervision Agency (BDDK)

  14. Credit Breau of Turkey (KKB)

  15. Türkiye Muhasebe Standartlari Kurulu (TMSK)

Organizations in US

Organizations in US (cont.)

Newspapers and Journals
  1. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

  2. Federal Reserve Board (FRB)

  3. Department of Treasury

  4. American Banker's Association (ABA)

  5. Online Bankin Association (OBA)

  6. American Insurance Association (AIA)

  7. Morgage Bankers Association of America (MBAA)

  8. American Association of Bank Directors (AABD)

  9. Bank Marketing Association (BMA)

  10. Independent Bankers Association of America (IBAA)

  11. Office of the Controller of the Currency (OCC)

  12. Federal Home Loan Bank System (FHLBS)

  13. Thomson Financial Publishing (TFP)

  14. The Financial Services Roundtable

  15. Technology Group for the Financial Services Roundtable

  1. Security Exchange Commision (SEC)

  2. Senate Banking Committee (SBC)

  3. Senate Finance Committee (SFC)

  4. House Banking Committee (HBC)

  5. Fannie Mae, Mortgage Firm (FMA)

  6. Freddie Mac, Mortgage Firm (FMC)

  7. Salomon Brothers (SB)

  8. JP Morgan (JPM)

  9. New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

  10. Fool.com

  11. Bank Administration Institute (BAI) Online

  12. A Financial Portal

  13. Banking in the Online World

  14. The Electronic Payments Association

  15. The Credit Repair Resource Center

  16. Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)

  17. Bank Systems & Technology (BST)

  1. American Banker (AB)

  2. Wall Street Journal (WSJ)

  3. The Banker

  4. Euromoney

  5. Washington Post

  6. The New York Times

  7. USA Today

  8. Observer

  9. Economist

  10. Financial Times

  11. Reuters

  12. Banking Technology Magazine

  13. Financial Engineering News


  1. Risk Management Links
  2. Non-Financial Uesfull Information (Yararli Bilgiler)
  3. Dictionaries: InvestorWordsZargan (Ingilizce-Türkçe-Ingilzce), Webster,  
  4. Top Dictionary Web-Sites
  5. USB Dictionary of Banking
  6. The Derivatives Dictionary
7.Türk InsaninaYararli Linkler

8.Mega Converter


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