Course Syllabus


Grading System:


1. Project Paper           (20 %)

2. Mid-Term Exam      (30 %)

3. Final Exam               (50 %)




Attendance to the courses is required. Students who have a valid reason to miss a course should inform the instructor.


  The course will cover the following topics:

1.      Introduction to Banking System


a.      History of the Banking System

b.      New Developments in the Banking System

c.      Turkish Banking System

d.      Banking Risks (CAMEL)



2.      Banks and Financial Institutions


a.      Types of Banks & Their Functions

b.      Types o Financial Institutions & Thier Functions

c.      Competition between Banks and Other Financial Institutions


3.      Banking Products and Services


a.      Retail Banking Products & Services


                                                       I.      Demand & Time Deposits

                                                     II.      Certificate of Deposit

                                                  III.      Credit Cards, Change Cards, Debit Cards, Smart Cards, Chip Cards

                                                  IV.      Autoomated Teller Machine (ATM) Services

                                                    V.      Telephone Banking Services

                                                  VI.      Internet Banking Services

                                               VII.      Electronic Payment Systems

                                             VIII.      The Stock Exchange Products

                                                  IX.      Consumer Loans

                                                    X.      Mortgage Loans


b.      Corporate Banking Services & Products


                                                       I.      Corporate Loans

                                                                                                                   II.   Cheque Clearing Services

                                                  III.      Promissory Note Services

                                                                                                                IV.      Cash & Asset management Services

                                                                                                                  V.      SWIFT Services

                                                                                                                   VI.      Import & Export Services

                                                                                                              VII.      The Stock Exchange Products & Services


4.      Managing Banks


a.      Retail Banking Products & Services


                                                       I.      Cash Management

                                                                                                                   II.   Managing Bank Balances

                                                  III.      Managing Treasury Assets

                                                                                                                IV.      Utilizng Interbank, Money Markets, Capital Market Opportunities

b.      Managing Loan Portfolio


                                                       I.      Managing the Credit Risk

                                                     II.      Managing Interest Rate Risk, Determining Loan Interest Rates

                                                  III.      Managing ưnterest Rate Sensitivity

                                                  IV.      Managing Problem Loans


c.      Managing Long-Term Investment


                                                       I.      How to Manage Equity Participations

                                                     II.      How to Manage Fixed Assets

                                                  III.      How to Manage Long-Term Capital Market Investments


d.      Managing Foreign Currency Assets and Liabilities


                                                       I.      Managing the Foreign Exchange Risk

                                                     II.      Managing Short & Long F/X Positions

                                                  III.      Spot, Forward, Swop, Hedging Techniques


5.      Managing Bank Liabilities


a.      Deposit Management


                                                       I.      Managing Maturity Mismatch Risk

                                                     II.      Minimizing Interest Rate Risk

                                                  III.      Managing the Interest Rate Sensitivity Gap

                                                  IV.      Interest Rate Strategies, Fixed Variable, Indexation

                                                    V.      Determining Deposit Interest Rates


b.      Managing Other Borrowed Funds


                                                       I.      Securitization of Assets

                                                     II.      Issuing Bank Bonds and Notes

                                                  III.      Managing International Borrowings, Syndicated Loans

                                                  IV.      Managing Correspndent Bank Accounts


6.      Managing the Bank Support Systems


a.      Human Resources, Personnel and Training

b.      Purchasing and Maintenance Services

c.      How to Manage the Computer & Technology in Banks

                  d.   How to Utilize Accounting, Auditing and Management Reporting Systems


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