J. Slide Presentations

  1. Balance Sheet Analysis Slides
  2. ALM - Interest Rate Risk Management
  3. ALM Controling Interest Sensitivity Gap CH06
  4. ALM Managing Duration Gap CH07
  5. Off Balance Sheet Financing CH09
  6. Pricing Loans CH18
  7. Lending to Business Firms CH17
  8. Liquidity Management CH11
  9. Enterprise-wide Risk Management SAS
  10. Insurance Risk Management
  11. Integrated Risk Management & Performance Measurement PWC
  12. Electronic Banking ITD Presentation
  13. Payment Systems in the 2000s
  14. Asset and Liability Management BS1
  15. Finance by Zvi Bodie & Robert C. Merton, Ch01, Ch02, Ch03, Ch04part1, Ch04part2, Ch04part3, Ch05, Ch06, Ch07, Ch08, Ch09, Ch10, Ch11, Ch12part1, Ch12part2, Ch12part3, Ch13, Ch14, Ch15, Ch16, Ch17 
  16. Inflation Accouning (Turkish)
  17. Turkish Banking and Payment Systems .ppt (zipped version 650 KB)
  18. Central Bank Duties.ppt 176KB  
  19. IsBank Bankaciligin Gelecegi Sunumu 2006 (1MB)
  20. IsBank Kurumsal Banlacilik Sunumu 2006 (150KB)
  21. IsBank Bireysel Bankacilik Sunumu 2006 (1MB)

    22. Mortgage Sub Prime Crises USA 20080
  22. Internal Audit in Banks Garantibank Presentation 2010 ppt

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